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MULTIREKA RESOURCES SDN BHD (1308000-U) “MRSB” a 100% Bumiputra owned company providing solutions to your development needs, fully committed in implementing the Project Management Consultancy services throughout Malaysia backed with Development and Construction expertise regardless of the size and nature of projects.

Our modus-operandi is to identify potential lands throughout Malaysia for development and propose a suitable type of development to stakeholders. Our services cover conceptual, preliminary, detail design and implementation stage. Our team comprises of Architect, Quantity Surveyor, Mechanical Engineering, Civil & Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and ICT Consultant. Our approach is based on planning, schedule monitoring, in-house coordination, progress meeting, and design workshop. Our project management plans define the measurable attributes of each project.

The client’s goal, project scope, site constraints, progress milestones, work program, professional services delivery and project budget are our highest priority to ensure the entire project is delivered timely, achievable and in good governance and compliance. Our result based monitoring procedures shall include weekly project meeting and monthly project performance review for projects. We reassure that our services will add more significant values in the project align with costs, schedule and quality requirements.

On top of the above PMC Services, knowing the current issues in Construction Industry where there are so many cases of unpaid payments to related construction related parties, MRSB offers a consultancy services to those unpaid parties to recover their payments in accordance to Construction Industry Payment Adjudication Act (CIPAA) 2012 which was enforced by the Government of Malaysia on April 2014.

We are a group pf Construction Professional with more that 15 years of experience in Construction Industry.  We also have in house Adjudicator with proven track record in resolving a few cases since 2015.



Four fundamental values guide the operation of our business :-

  • To use our expertise to the benefit of our Clients and partners through an open collaborative approach.
  • To ensure sustainable and profitable long-term growth
  • To optimize stakeholder’s investment


We believe by delivering our promise and commitment of excellent service to our Clients is the key to our success. We take Client’s instruction, analyze and advise accordingly for solutions. Project goals are clear, realistic and everyone agrees on the way ahead. This effective knowledge sharing make our work much simpler.

A Malaysian registered consultancy firm providing total project management consultancy services and payment dispute resolution for construction industry.



The development of any project follows some major phases in project life cycle. For the success of the project, the project team must successfully plan, organize and control their work activities so that they are performed in proper sequence and on time. Some parts of the major phases of the project life cycle are performed before the construction phase starts. Following are the steps involved in development of a construction project from scratch:

  1. Project Identification
  2. Conceptual phase
  3. Project details design
  4. Procurement
  5. Construction
  6. Handing over
  7. Defect Liability Period (DLP)


Construction industry payment adjudication Act 2012 has been enforced by the Government on 15th April 2014. The purpose is to alleviate payment problem in the Construction industry through an adjudication process. The construction payment dispute requires to be dealt with less costly, Speedier, Contemporary and with legal effect enabled by an Adjudication Mechanism which is what CIPAAct has specially drafted for resolving the issues with inter alia PROHIBITION of Conditional Payment, to STREAMLINE payment procedures and provide REMEDIES for the recovery of payment. Most common payment issue as below:-

  1. No Payment
  2. Late Payment
  3. Not Satisfy with Payment

MRSB render services on advice and prepare the necessary documentation for recovery of the disputed claims/payment.

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