Do You Have A Vacant Land Or Construction Project
That We Can Venture With?



The development of any project follows some major phases in project life cycle. For the success of the project, the project team must successfully plan, organize and control their work activities so that they are performed in proper sequence and on time. Some parts of the major phases of project life cycle is performed before the construction phase starts. Following are the steps involved in development of a construction project from scratch:

1.Project Identification

(a) Identified potential land for intended development
(b) Discuss / Tabulate necessary development to Land Owner
(c) Noted on the Land Owner requirements
(d) Identify potential Developer/ Funder/ Contractor for JV

2. Conceptual phase

(a) Prepare Conceptual Plan
(b) Feasibility study
(c) Land survey works
(d) Preliminary Design and Costing
(e) Market research
(f) Development Order (DO) & Building Plan (BP) submission
(g) Liaison with Authorities

3. Project details design

(a) Detail design
(b) Authority submission and Professional Submitting Person (PSP)

4. Procurement

(a) Prepare Tender Document
(b) Monitor Tendering process
(c) Prepare Tender Valuation
(d) Tender Award

5. Construction Stage

(a) Monitoring and supervision
(b) Update & reporting to Client
(c) Certified Payments
(d) Certified VO
(e) Certified EOT, etc
(f) Budget Cost Control and Monitoring

6. Handing over

(a) Final inspection and acceptance
(b) Issuance of CPC

7. Defect Liability Period (DLP)

(a) Final inspection and acceptance
(b) Issuance of CMGD
(c) Note: Preparation and certification of payments to all parties in all stages are under PMC scope


Advise on how to recover the unpaid payment based on CIPAA 2012 Regulations.

(a) Study the case
(b) Advise and Recommendation
(c) Commence of CIPAA Process
(d) Advise on any new issue occur during at adjudication
(e) Obtaining the adjudication decision
(f) Recommendation on any legal action